Developer of groundbreaking lossless
compression and encryption technologies


UPONUS Technologies, LLC is the developer of groundbreaking lossless compression and encryption technologies. These technologies are the backbone of solutions we offer organizations seeking to dramatically enhance their ability to handle, communicate, control, store, and protect any and all data.

UPONUS has approached data compression, encryption, and communication from the ground-up. As a result of this unique prospective, UPONUS has developed robust and elegant technologies that overcome many of the limitations inherent in competitive products.

UPONUS has created a set of fully-developed and marketable technologies and is positioning UPONUS technologies as the building blocks for the next generation of high security applications that must utilize complex data structures (metadata) and demand more from encryption and/or lossless compression than is currently available in the market until now!

UPONUS has targeted next generation applications in the Military, Homeland Security, Financial, Entertainment and Healthcare markets, where UPONUS security, speed and flexibility could lead to its early adoption.


The following describes the benefits and attributes of UPONUS Technologies*:


Engineered to permit the encryption (and lossless compression) of streaming data on-the-fly with virtually no latency.

Unlike other technologies, UPONUS technologies do not create data dictionaries, data trees, or similar "overhead". Our technologies are designed to easily fit into communication applications to increase data throughput.

As a result of our speed, data streams that were once sent unsecured for lack of time may now be sent encrypted. Upon arrival at the other end, transmitted data can either stay in its encrypted (and/or compressed) state or can be decrypted (and/or decompressed) on-the-fly for immediate use.


Easily adaptable to the solution set required by our users

One size does not fit all. Data and data structures are unique.

One static or rigid solution will not provide optimal results for all data structures.

With our proprietary data structure analysis tools, we are able to look at underlying data structures and use that hidden information to tailor a solution that will optimize results based on the user's specific needs.

In addition, depending on a customer's requirements, we can provide software based solutions or embed our technology in firmware or hardware.


Not resource intensive.

As powerful as our technologies are, they are not resource intensive.

Our compression and encryption engines do all required processing in a small and fixed amount of RAM, have a footprint of less than 5KB each, and use fewer CPU cycles than other technologies.

As a result, we can easily fit into applications where resource management is at a premium.


Fast, powerful, and flexible.

As a software solution, we are at a minimum three times faster and capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 times faster than other existing technologies.

As an embedded firmware or hardware solution using our uniquely designed parallel processing streamers, our compression speeds can even keep up with the high demands of a supercomputer gigabit Ethernet pipe.


May operate in seamless manner that is invisible to the user.

Once our technologies are embedded in a digital device or software application, they can perform their tasks without user intervention.

(Note: The discussion of compression and other technologies is solely for purposes of understanding compatible technologies as they work together in a seamlessly integrated solution).

Targeted Markets

Applications that should use UPONUS Technologies cross over multiple markets, and all share the same issues with respect to the handling of data: data integrity must be maintained or improved, speed is a hurdle, and limitations imposed by resource requirements already in place must be respected even as they are overcome with these new technologies.

UPONUS' initial focus is moving and securing mission critical data from point-to-point even in real-time communication systems while fitting easily into the existing hardware and firmware environments already in place.

UPONUS has specifically targeted applications in the following markets: Military and Homeland Security, Financial Services, Entertainment, and Healthcare.

Currently, most sensitive data is sent unsecured because existing technologies cannot be used to compress and secure those communications due to limitations of time, resource utilization, compression yield, and adaptability issues or constraints.

UPONUS has the broad ranging solutions to address these issues.

Here are some examples of specific applications in encryption that UPONUS' solutions are pursuing:
  • DoD Application#1 - Real time streaming of encrypted sensory, scientific, image or telemetry data over wired, wireless and even satellite networks; We expect to add on-the-fly lossless data compression as an additional feature for these applications upon the filing of our patent application;
  • DoD Application#2 - Secure distribution of digital evidence via DVD or CD;
  • Financial Services - Encrypting point to point communications of financial data over the public networks while maintaining extreme on demand security;
  • Streaming of multi channel video and audio for Digital Cinema, Video on Demand, Digital Archiving and Post Production Solutions;
  • Archival storage of data such as satellite data, sensor data, scientific data, medical images, and surveillance video.